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WCA Looking Forward to Helping Improve Permit Process in Manitoba

May 29, 2019


WCA Looking Forward to Helping Improve Permit Process in Manitoba


Winnipeg, May 29, 2019 – The Manitoba Government released the findings of the Treasury Board Secretariat’s (TBS) planning, zoning and permitting review yesterday, covering issues with the planning, zoning and permitting activities across the province including Manitoba Hydro, the Office of the Fire Commission and the City of Winnipeg. The Winnipeg Construction Association welcomes the report, and is looking forward to helping improve planning, zoning and permitting in Manitoba.


“This report and its findings can be used as a springboard for improvements in the planning, zoning and permitting processes across the province,” said Ron Hambley, WCA President. “There’s always going to be room for improvement in processes like these, and this report gives us a chance to start the work needed to get better.”


The TBS has recommended several next steps, starting with giving external stakeholders the chance to review and respond to the initial findings. Following that, the TBS plans to release specific, actionable recommendations to improve the efficiency of regulatory processes.


“Now that the initial findings have been released, we can get to the important part of this review – identifying and delivering improvements to the early stages of construction,” said Hambley. “We’re committed to helping improve the efficiency of these regulatory processes so that our members can more easily do what they do best – deliver cutting-edge, essential buildings the people of Manitoba use everyday.”


A number of inefficiencies in the permitting process identified by the report have been brought up by WCA in the past, including the fact that increases in Planning Department fees haven’t been used to improve the services provided by that department, a lack of reliance from the City of Winnipeg on stamped drawings and inconsistencies between inspectors.



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