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Province releases Planning, Zoning and Permitting Recommendations

June 11, 2019

On Tuedsay, June 11, the Province of Manitoba released the recommendations of the Planning, Zoning and Permitting Review. The release included the following 12 recommendations:

• Establish a working group that includes representatives from the municipalities, metropolitan region, province and the private sector;

• Establish an independent quasi-judicial board staffed by professionals for standardized appeals across Manitoba;

• Establish consistent provincewide statutory service standards for permitting timelines;

• Centralize professional accreditation of inspections;

• Enhance self-regulatory frameworks for engineers and architects;

• Support Manitoba’s commitments through the Regulatory Co-operation and Reconciliation Table (RCT) under the Canada Free Trade Agreement and adopt current national building codes and reduce the need for Manitoba-only customizations to the code;

• Align Manitoba Hydro’s activities to the province’s economic development objectives;

• Clarify the role of the Office of the Fire Commissioner;

• Remove of backlog for elevator and boiler permits;

• Review the Public Utilities Board model to ensure the regulation of all utilities, including Manitoba Hydro and Winnipeg Water and Waste, are aligned to provincial economic development objectives; and

• Collaborate with the City of Winnipeg on shared priorities including a joint exploration of the City of Winnipeg’s desired recommendations.


WCA is happy the recommendations have been made public so quickly, and we look forward to reviewing them. You can find details on all the recommendations here.