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March 25 COVID-19 Update

March 25, 2020

COVID-19 Update - March 25

During the COVID-19 pandemic we will be providing daily updates to our members with concise, relevant information they need for their businesses, employees and personal health.
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Changes to federal support programs

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, emergency legislation tabled by the Liberal government passes in the House of Commons. The legislation is similar to what was originally announced by the government last week but with some changes and more details, including:

The previously announced Emergency Care Benefit and Emergency Support Benefit have now been combined into the Canada Emergency Response Benefit. 

This new benefit will provide $2,000 to Canadians who have seen their income drop to $0 due to COVID-19 for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Those who are sick or self-isolating
  • Those who are caring for sick loved ones
  • Those who need to stay home with their kids due to school closures
  • Those who are lacking work
  • Those who have had their workplaces shut down

All Canadian who have ceased working, whether they are EI-eligible or not, will be able to receive the CERB to ensure the have timely access to the income support they need.

The benefit is designed to be comprehensive and cover anyone who has lost their income because of the pandemic. The "burden of proof" to access this benefit and determine eligibility is expected to be low in order to expedite the process but we don't have more details on that yet.

The benefit is expected to be available starting April 6, and money should start flowing out 10 days after that. We'll provide updates on this as they become available.

Documenting your COVID-19 expenses

As COVID-19 continues to impact the construction industry, not only in terms of the health of its workers, but also in terms of project schedule and cost, it's important to keep detailed daily records of the events and their impacts on your projects.

Revay and Associates Limited have released a good bulletin outlining what you should be keeping track of - you can access it here.

Manitoba Infrastructure commits to continue tendering

Last week, we sent a letter to government asking them to commit to continuing to tender projects throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. This is essential for both our industry and the economy - by continuing the tender process, the construction industry will be ready to hit the ground running when we are past the crisis.

Manitoba Infrastructure has committed to continue tendering during the crisis - we're hopeful other departments will as well.


N95 Respirators - Thanks to those who have donated

Shared Health has reached out to us asking if our member are able to provide any spare N95 respirators. These respirators are key for health care staff to fight the spread of COVID-19 - if you have any to spare, please get in touch with us at and we will coordinate getting them to the front lines.

We'd like to thank Gardon Construction, Trotter & Morton Group of Companies and Euro-Can Enterprises Ltd for answering our call. We know the construction industry is incredibly generous - if you have masks we are still collecting them - please reach out if you can help.

The province has also announced it is seeking a variety of other supplies for healthcare workers - click here to see the full list and how you can help.

FREE WEBINAR: How to Lead Employees in Uncertain Times

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Thursday, March 26, 8:30 a.m. (one hour session)

During times of uncertainty in today’s world with Covid-19, stress for the future, the changing dynamics in our communities and organizations many employees are overwhelmed with stress and anxiety.

The WCA is offering this free, live online seminar to help managers and supervisors understand, support and provide options for themselves and employees who are dealing with high stress and anxiety.

Click here for more information or to register for this free webinar.

COVID-19 Hotline

We'll be here for our members through every step of this pandemic. If you have any questions or concerns, please email our dedicated COVID-19 hotline at If we don't have the answer you're looking for, we'll use our industry contacts and knowledge to find it for you.