WCA sees City of Winnipeg investigation as crucial first step in improving inspection process

The City of Winnipeg has released the results of an internal investigation into the conduct of building inspectors who were found to be neglecting their duties on the job. The investigation led to eight inspectors being fired and seven more being disciplined.

Political Parties Respond to WCA's Four Pillars

Before the Provincial Election was officially launched, WCA sent out questionnaires to the Progressive Conservatives, NDP and Manitoba Liberals asking each of them how their government would address WCA's Four Policy Pillars.

Winnipeg Construction Association Releases Provincial Election Policy Priorities

With a provincial election coming in one month, the Winnipeg Construction Association has announced the four Policy Pillars it will be promoting to build a strong construction industry in Manitoba.  

Summer Edition of Build Manitoba now available

The Summer Edition of Build Manitoba, WCA's industry magazine, is now available here.