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Education Program

WCA Education is built for the industry. With more than 80 courses each year delivered by local and international experts, our education program truly does have something for everyone in the ICI construction industry. Whether you’re Project Manager, an Estimator, Management, Office Staff or any one of the other myriad positions in our complex industry, you’ll find something to help you build your knowledge, your network and your business.

Click here to see a digital copy of the education program, or click here if you want to see what courses we have coming up. If you want to learn a little bit more about WCA Education, keep scrolling.

Build Your Knowledge

WCA Education courses give our guests the chance to build their knowledge by learning from a variety of subject matter experts across the industry. When you come to a WCA Education session it’s not a day of passively sitting in the back of the classroom watching the clock – you’ll have the chance to actively participate and interact with our facilitators, many who have been in the ICI industry for decades.

No matter what course you take, you’ll leave our Construction Education Centre knowing more than when you came in.

A class in session at WCA

Build Your Network

A man and a woman having a conversation in the construction education centre

If there’s one thing we learned during 2020 and the pandemic, it’s how much we missed meeting people. Networking is extremely important in the construction industry – you never know which of your contacts will lead to a new project, a new business partner or simply a good friend.

Networking events are something we love to do at WCA, but some of the best networking opportunities happen in our Construction Education Centre. By signing up for one of our classes you’re sure to meet some people in the industry who are there for the same reason you are – take the chance to build your network while you’re here.

Build Your Business

As a business owner, your number one resource is your employees. One of the best ways to build your business is by investing in those employees, giving them the tools to help take your company to the next level.

WCA courses offer something for every type of business – no matter the size and no matter the trade – and every type of job in the ICI Construction Industry. Check out our education program to see how you can help your team grow their skills today.