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Construction Info

At the core of what we do is Construction Information, which we provide through two platforms:

BuildWorks and BuildCast.

BuildWorks is our accurate, reliable and timely online platform. In 2021, BuildWorks posted 2,273 projects.

As an owner or contractor, by hosting your project on WCA BuildWorks, you:

  • Gain greater visibility and the most competitive prices from capable contractors.
  • Have a one-stop shop for project plans, specs and addendums.
  • Expose your project to a maximum number of quality contractors.

As a sub-trade, supplier or service provider, you gain access to a platform for project bidding opportunities for:

  • Upcoming opportunities.
  • Private projects you won’t find on other platforms.
  • Our 700 members that provide you with premium procurement and business development opportunities.

Interested in a free walkthrough on the BuildWorks Online Planroom? Contact us at to set up a demo.

At WCA, our dedicated Construction News Researcher works with industry contacts to maintain an exclusive database to provide members a weekly report listing projects from:

  • Conceptual to Design-Complete.
  • Manitoba, Northwest Ontario, Nunavut and Northwest Territories.
  • Public and private work (commercial, industrial, multi-family residential, institutional and major civil).

WCA BuildCast is a weekly report delivered on Monday mornings directly to your inbox.

WCA BuildCast pre-bid projections for:

  • 2022 at $4.4 to $6.9 billion
  • 2023 at $4.1 to $5.9 billion
  • Five Year Outlook at $14.7 at $21.9 billion

Want to learn more? Get in touch with us at or 204-774-2431 to learn how WCA can help you find more work.

WCA BuildCast is exclusively available to WCA Regular Members. If you’re a member who isn’t currently receiving our weekly reports and would like to, let us know at