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Technical Bulletins

In 2019, the Committee completed a review of the Manitoba Technical Bulletins with the Manitoba Association of Architects. These are available for review and printing. In addition, the WCA Standard Practices Committee has several documents that are NOT endorsed by other professional organizations at this time, but which are nonetheless important for the industry.

Manitoba Technical Bulletins Series

More than 30 years ago, WCA and the Manitoba Association of Architects began developing standard Technical Bulletins to provide clarification and guidance on construction issues.

MAA/WCA Technical Bulletin Series

Please note these documents are currently waiting approval from the Manitoba Association of Architects. Because of this, they are marked as drafts.

Technical Bulletin #1 – Pre-Tender Addenda

Technical Bulletin #2 – Standard Contract Forms

Technical Bulletin #3 – Re-Tendering / Post Tender Addenda

Technical Bulletin #4 – Granular Fill Materials

Technical Bulletin #5 – Alternative and Itemized Prices

Technical Bulletin #6 – Tender Procedures Related to Limited Bidding

Technical Bulletin #7 – General Tendering Procedures

Technical Bulletin #8 – Proposed Procedure for Completion of Construction Contracts, Statutory/Deficiency Holdbacks and Final Payment

Technical Bulletin #9 – Restriction on Monday Tender Closings

Technical Bulletin #10 – Valuation of Changes in the Work

Technical Bulletin #11 – Reduced Scale Drawings

Technical Bulletin #12 – Designation of Major Building Construction Projects

Technical Bulletin #13 – Material Payment Provisions

Technical Bulletin #14 – Tests and Inspections

Technical Bulletin #15 – Operations and Maintenance Manuals

Technical Bulletin #16 РBid Closing Time

WCA Practice Bulletins

Practice Bulletins, on a variety of topics, have been developed by the WCA Standard Practice Committee. It is hoped that local professional organizations will consider these topics for future joint Technical Bulletins, however, at the present time these represent the views of WCA alone:

PB #1 – Fairness in the Tendering Process and the Privilege Clause 

PB #2 – Use of Manitoba Trade Definitions

PB #3 – On-Site Sanitation Requirements in Project Specifications

New PB #4 – Bid Irrevocability Period During Persistent Material Price Volatility

New PB #5 – Privilege Cause / Exclusionary Bid Practice / Bidder Barring

WCA Best Practice Bulletins

Best Practice: Proposal Debrief

Best Practice: Design of Networked Equipment in Building Construction

New Best Practice: Selecting Software for a Construction Company

MAA Practice Bulletins

Please visit the Manitoba Association of Architects website.