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September 27, 2023

2023 Provincial Election Priority Recap

Provincial Election Priority Recap

Election Day is coming up next Tuesday – do you know who you’re voting for?

The Winnipeg Construction Association has identified three key priorities for the construction industry, which you can read up on at our election website. Today, we’re introducing our fourth and final video, which gives a brief overview of our priorities and why they matter to the industry and the province.

Watch the video below, and keep scrolling to see what each political party had to say about our election priorities.

If you’d like to see the full videos for our three priorities you can find them at the links below:

Priority 1 – Building a Strong Inclusive Workforce with Ellowyn Nadeau
Priority 2 – Improving Public Procurement with Peter Bernatsky
Priority 3 – Supporting Manitoba’s Infrastructure with Roger Tuk

Provincial Parties Respond to our Priorities

In the summer, we reached out to the Progressive Conservatives, the Manitoba NDP and the Manitoba Liberals to get their perspective on each of our priorities. We’re pleased to report all three parties have gotten back to us.

You can find their responses to all nine of our questions (three per priority) on our election website, You can also find the response from each party in PDF form at the links below:

Progressive Conservative Party Response

Manitoba NDP Response

Manitoba Liberals Response

We encourage each of our members to read the responses from the parties before making their decision at the ballot box this October. If you have any questions about our election or advocacy efforts, please get in touch with us at

Advance Voting is Live Now

Did you know that advance voting is live now until Saturday, September 30? Manitobans are able to vote at any advance polling station in the province – not just the ones in your riding. Advance voting is quick and easy – if you’ve already made your decision, why not take 10 minutes at lunch to get out and vote today?

Click here to find the advance polling station closest to you.