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August 27, 2020

South Perimeter Design Study

On Thursday, the provincial government released its long-awaited design study for the south perimeter. The south perimeter has become a very busy highway and an extremely important trade route across Canada and for trade with the U.S.

The design study will provide the blueprint for upgrading the south perimeter to make it safer and better accommodate the traffic volumes now and into the future. The study identifies structural design modifications required for nine existing crossings and new roadway designs required for 13 connection/crossing locations.

The vision for the south perimeter is to be at freeway standard with no at-grade crossings from Trans-Canada West to Trans-Canada East. The investment outlined is clearly very large in scope, but benefits from the ability to be broken up into manageable smaller projects. This report as an important first step for a substantial government investment into the highway. 

WCA would like the provincial government to provide an accompanying document outlining the schedule for investment in the structures over the next 10 years. There needs to be a clear ongoing financial commitment for the south perimeter described in the blueprint to become reality. 

The Full study can be found here: